Women’s Hormone Network Launches First Ever Bioidentical Hormone Membership Program for Practitioners to Advocates

– First Year Discounted Charter Prices –

Santa Barbara, CA: Whether you’re a health care provider specializing in working with menopausal women, a compounding pharmacy specializing in bio-identical hormones or consumer looking for up-to-date, reliable research on hormones, you probably struggle finding a source of information that you can trust.

The Women’s Hormone Network (WHN), a non-profit specializing in the most up-to-date research-based information on bio-identical hormones, was created to provide just this type of resource to help one of the largest subset of patients on the planet…women in, and going into, menopause.

Starting July 1, 2020, the WHN will raise the bar for all hormone related organization by offering the first membership program of its kind to Practitioners, Pharmacies and the General Public. All memberships help fund research that will benefit women around the globe. From our upcoming clinical study, to our 21st Century, scientifically-validated approaches to hormone information and protocols, and hormone symposiums staffed by hormone experts from around the US, members will be joining a network of like-minded people (pharmacists, doctor's, health coaches and others), who believe in the mission of WHN.

As a member of WHN, you will have exclusive rights to our Clinical Advisory Board; discounts to our SEVEN part Webinar series: Menopause with Physiologic Restoration; discounts to our Physiologic Restoration Practitioner Training Program; charter member pricing for WHN events; invitations to our member events and private receptions and much more.

WHN membership helps initiate our mission to support the ongoing research and education for Physiologic Restoration. For instant access Join Now.

A registered 501©3 not-for-profit corporation, WHN is a group of professionals dedicated to providing a platform that showcases the most accurate, scientific and medically advanced information on hormone health, using Physiologic Restoration (PR).

Women’s Hormone Network

The goal of WHN is to expand the Standard of Care by promoting, advocating, and advancing women's wellbeing and longevity through clinical research and education about the benefits of Physiologic Restoration to reduce the symptoms of hormone imbalance, chronic disease and degenerative decline.
WHN is a registered 501(c)3 not-for-profit corporation