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We are announcing a WHN Benefactor opportunity to launch our Clinical Study.

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Our Board Member Janice Hall has a special Holiday request:

Women’s health is in jeopardy from so many angles in our current world – ranging from stress to environmental pollution. All of these factors impact our hormones. Many women are unaware that Physiologic Hormone Replacement, PR, as we call it, can help alleviate so many symptoms.
Education is key to getting the word out. However, underlying this must be supporting science. We have 18 years of scientific history available, and the next step is a clinical study that will follow 100 women over a three-year period. It will be conducted by WHN Board and Clinical Advisory Board member Dr. Julie Taguchi, oncologist, as the principal investigator.
Time is of the essence, as we were delayed this year due to Covid 19. But in order to launch this study we need your financial help, so we have created a tax-deductible Benefactor opportunity.

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I feel very honored to be part of building WHN – an incredibly necessary and timely organization. Please join me at one of our Benefactor levels to help deliver the accurate, scientific and medically advanced information on hormones.

Wishing you and your family a Healthy and Joyous Holiday Season,

Janice Hall


As 2020 comes to a close, we want to remind you that WHN is here for you in challenging times such as these. As a result of the stress your health can suffer when you need it the most – and hormones can help. Becoming a member of WHN affords you access to 21st century hormone health information and the experts who know how to deliver it.

We invite you to become a Charter Member of WHN at our special Holiday rates.

WHN Membership Program was developed to build and bring great value to our vibrant WHN Community – a place where you have access to our dynamic programs.

We urgently need your support to continue funding much-needed hormone research and becoming a Charter Member, helps us do this. Our Holiday Membership Opportunity gives you a fixed membership price for the next THREE years, if you join by December 31, 2020

(All current Charter Members will be grandfathered in at this price and opportunity)

We value and need a diverse community, that means we need YOU. With that in mind, we've created valuable benefits for everyone from prescribing practitioners and health professionals to advocates and hormone users everywhere


  • Professional listing, including website link, on our WHN website

  • Access to our Clinical Advisory Board

  • Discount to Physiologic Restoration Practitioner Training Program

  • Charter Member Pricing for all our our WHN Events

  • Discount on the 7 part series "Menopause with Physiologic Restoration" Webinar.

  • Access to Special Member Events & Private Receptions

As of January 1, 2021 our prices will be as follows:

Prescribing Professional $295.00

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Advocate $95.00

We are grateful to have you on board to bring the benefits of PR to women everywhere.

Wishing you a superb Holiday Season
Caren Abdela
Executive Director, WHN


WHN is a registered 501C(3) not-for-profit corporation to promote, advocate, and advance women's wellbeing and longevity through clinical research and education about the benefits of Physiologic Restoration to reduce the symptoms of hormone imbalance and degenerative decline.

The goal of WHN is to expand the Standard of Care by promoting, advocating, and advancing women's wellbeing and longevity through clinical research and education about the benefits of Physiologic Restoration to reduce the symptoms of hormone imbalance, chronic disease and degenerative decline.
WHN is a registered 501(c)3 not-for-profit corporation