Patient Testimonials

"At the age of 52, I was falling apart and in denial about it. I had not slept in 7 years more than 4 hours straight, thus gaining 65 lbs. I was angry, moody, and depressed. I had fibroids making my cycle painful and heavy. I was having night sweats most of every night. At this time, I was introduced to rhythmic restoration by the founder. I was skeptical since the Women's Health Initiative had just deemed hormones "dangerous". At that time, I did not know the difference between synthetic drugs with hormone like effects or bio-identical hormones.

I started to educate myself and started this protocol. Within 28 days, ALL my symptoms were gone. I was sleeping soundly through the night, my cycle no longer created pain, I started to lose weight. and no longer wanted to run over people.

It took about 3 months for me to feel like my old self again. Now 17 + years later, even though I have aged, I still feel fabulous most of the time. I cannot imagine ever going off this protocol. Especially now since modern science is catching up with the truth about how protective and important restoring one’s hormones back to youthful, physiologic levels is."


"Why does this protocol work for me? Simple! More energy, more clarity, more vitality than when I wasn't on this protocol. I simply feel more vibrant and alive!"


"My experience with bio identical hormones, has been totally life changing. At the age of 40, I was having night sweats, and major anxiety. I had no idea what was happening with my body, so my friend had recommended this hormone replacement therapy. A couple weeks into using the creams, to my amazement both symptoms vanished. That was 15 years ago. I use them to this day, and believe it is the main reason for my youthful appearance as well."


"I've been on biomimedic bioidentical hormones for more than 14 years now. The protocol changed my life. When I went into menopause I had gained 70 lbs, couldn't sleep, and was rageful. Soon after I lost 40 lbs, slept like a baby, and was at peace again. My hair nails and skin looked 15 years younger. I've taken these hormones all these years and remain in good health. I even got married at the age of 64 and my husband says I have the libido of a gal in her 30's. I highly recommend Physiologic Restoration."


"This protocol has been a life changer for me. Period! I began the protocol 14 years ago when I was 59 years old. I hadn't menstruated since age 45, when menopause put a shroud on my youthfulness, so I was amazed and delighted when I got my period again 28 days later. I felt like a young woman again and today I still feel young and vital, even at 73. It has made a measurable difference in how I look as well. My skin is glowing, my hair is shiny and my body is vital with lots of energy.

I wouldn't go a day without my hormones. They are essential to my wellbeing."


"Biomimetic hormone restoration (Physiologic) makes the most sense, because it is grounded in the concept of rhythm. Knowing when to jump on the swing makes the difference between getting on vs falling off. Like most things in life, timing matters and that is what observing rhythm means. From our circadian rhythms, to sleep, body temperature, fasting/feeding, day/night cycles, and menstrual cycles, our physiology is fundamentally tied to rhythm. Observing when it is the right timing for estrogen vs progesterone is as important as observing night vs day. Maintaining both in a static fashion, ie, ablating the rhythm, is like attempting to go through life with a static shade of gray, not knowing the proper timing for daylight vs darkness. This is why I consider the biomimetic hormone restoration protocol to be a very important tool in my toolbox."


"Why do I prescribe? Because I found it profoundly helpful to turn around my chronic inflammation due to myofaciitis or neck, shoulder, back pain, at age 40. I now know that the inflammatory state secondarily reduced my own hormone production and hormones have multiple critical functions in the body including anti-inflammatory properties. It makes the most sense to copy the normal healthy template of Estradiol and Progesterone with or without a uterus."


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