Practitioner's Testimonials

"Thank you for doing such a great job at the Women's Hormone Symposium. I learned so much and met so many wonderful people. The speaker lineup was impressive. The whole event was organized fabulously and every detail was meticulously thought out. The hotel was gorgeous and the food delicious and healthy. Thank you"

Britta Wetteskind, RN

"I really enjoyed this conference. I thought that the information was detailed, thorough and groundbreaking. I'm excited to begin applying what I learned to my patient base. Thank you."

Dr. Chan

" This was my first time attending the Women’s Hormone Network symposium. I write in comparison to many other conferences I have attended over the years. I applaud the enthusiasm the group has for compiling information on bioidentical hormone therapies and sharing with healthcare professionals. I loved that opposing viewpoints were presented honestly and backed by experience and research. There was plenty of time throughout the conference to meet with presenters and have questions answered. Even with over 25 years’ experience in the field, I received valuable information from the presentations. Thanks for a weekend well spent with many learning opportunities."

Carol Peterson

CPhT, ERC/Conference Coordinator
Women's International Pharmacy, Inc./Pet Health Pharmacy, Division

" Those of us that view the body as an incredibly intricate and beautiful symphony of systems innately understand that HORMONE EVALUATION must be included in all conversations regarding health and wellness. Sadly, this critical step may never be addressed or if addressed, sub-optimally managed by well meaning professionals that lack understanding and training. It's time for that dynamic to change. It is time for all those in the health and wellness arena to acknowledge and accept responsibility that the hormone axis should be a part of your initial workup with all clients in your practice. To do that efficiently and effectively one must seek guidance and training to sharpen your skills in order to provide excellent care with reliable clinical outcomes. The Women's Hormone Network should be on your list as a top resource for that training!

Caren and her team are in tireless pursuit of resources to assist practitioners in the field of hormone management. The Board of Directors is comprised of critical thinkers at the top of their profession. The professionals have thriving practices and thousands of hours of clinical practice from Oncology to Pharmacy to Provider. I, without reservation, recommend the Women's Health Network to any professional needing that DEEP DIVE experience with hormone replacement therapy. "

Anthony Llabres

Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach, FDN-P, BSc
President Functional Diagnostic Nutrition of SW Florida LLc

"I loved the seminar. It was so inspiring to be amongst doctors who are taking a stand for their patient’s health. I learned so much about rhythmic hormones including dosing, efficacy and the importance of the rhythm. I would highly recommend this to any doctor looking to educate themselves in bio-identical hormone therapy that really works for the patient."


"My experience being part of the teaching faculty was pleasurable as Caren made everything happen so easily down to the last gluten-free muffin. The attendees were quite knowledgeable and I learned pearls from them."


"The rhythms of the healthy female body are in a beautiful alignment with the heavenly bodies with which we live. It involves the amazing story of life forms evolving to procreate and to thrive on Planet Earth.

We have the beautiful daily rhythm - the Circadian Rhythm, the 28 day lunar rhythm, the 365 day annual/seasonal rhythm, and multiple small pulsating rhythms occurring throughout the day. These rhythms are key features of human life - they are mandatory, not optional, for health. But sadly things can and do go wrong, and menopause - a universal female occurrence - takes away our ovarian estrogen and progesterone - disrupting feminine embedded rhythms and causing us to lose our beat, our vitality, and ultimately our health.

Providing menopausal women, and other select populations, rhythmic hormones has helped me to optimize my patients' HealthSpan! Just being alive is simply not good enough. Replicating the beautiful lunar hormonal cycle, as best as can be done, gives the female body what it craves and requires for optimal healthy functioning.

Rhythm isn't a human option - it's evolved to be a huge percentage of our genes. By living with the innate rhythms of life, replacing lost hormones with rhythmic hormones, the female body at any age can perform as it was designed to function, supporting the vital cellular functions controlled by Estrogen, Progesterone, and Testosterone.

My participation in this groundbreaking conference is a part of the legacy of good which is my goal in life - to educate health professionals and to provide them with the tools to help their patients to live the best lives possible."


"I have been prescribing rhythmic dosing of hormones since 2006. Medically, it makes endocrine sense and seems truly the most natural approach to HRT, to replace as the healthy human body produces. All endocrine systems work on ebbs and flows, gradients. We know our brain thrives best in an environment of plasticity. Why wouldn't we replace hormones accordingly? Practically, it is not difficult to adapt as a treatment protocol with patients and I also use it, personally. Clinically, the outcomes are great: people continue to feel their best as they age with strong bones, a sharp mind and vibrant energy."


"I started physiologic restoration vs statically dosed hormones in 2008 when my hormone levels tanked. I wanted to mimic the hormone cycle we learned in our science classes and reach hormone levels that I had in my early 20's and 30's. I learned from measuring my patient’s hormone levels on statically dosed hormones that these low dosed static hormones were not very effective, and didn't lower FSH/LH, and knew that I was not going to go in that direction. I began to feel a difference after starting the protocol in the first three months and every month after I started, saw improvements and changes. I saw these changes in my patients as well when they switched from static dosing to cyclic/rhythmic dosing and levels were dosed to optimal. The results are reproducible which says a lot. I cannot make up the consistent reproducible outcomes that the physiologic hormone replacement has done for the 1000's of patients I've treated over the past ten years."


"I have to tell you the training was amazing. I was amazed at the depth of information covered in this seminar. Truly eye opening, delightful presenters, and coverage of material on many levels. I can truly see how physiologic restoration would be a great benefit to my patients. I look forward to the next conference to learn more. My Doc said she will come with me next year :) I also want you to know you over did yourself with the food. It was the best I have ever had for a conference and I’m looking forward to wonderful yummies next year."


"The conference was very educational and I found it so engaging to be with like-minded people. Thank you so much for inviting me to speak! It was an honor and the venue was great. Caren was so organized, planning ahead for every little detail.

I have been prescribing rhythmic hormone dosing for women since 2004. As Dr. Gersh so eloquently put it: "women need their hormones!" It's that simple. It was so nice to be at a conference dedicated to the concept of rhythms, as that is what runs our bodies.

Following a non-bio-identical and non-hormonal rhythm replacement template is akin to having the entire string section of an orchestra playing the wrong notes and at the wrong time. Identifying and staying in rhythm is what makes our clocks tick. "


The goal of WHN is to expand the Standard of Care by promoting, advocating, and advancing women's wellbeing and longevity through clinical research and education about the benefits of Physiologic Restoration to reduce the symptoms of hormone imbalance, chronic disease and degenerative decline.
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